Need a lead magnet to skyrocket your list?

You know you need a valuable lead magnet in order to grow your email list. But what should it be? There are so many options -- ebook, challenge, quiz, webinar…


Lead Magnet Workbook

Get to Know Your Audience

Instead of picking what’s trendy, or throwing lead magnets at the wall and seeing what “sticks,” use the stages of audience awareness to pick the perfect type of lead magnet. 

Learn the three main phases of awareness, start to sale, and the exact types of lead magnets that work best for each stage…

Brainstorm Your Lead Magnet

This workbook includes worksheets for getting to know your audience and brainstorming your lead magnet…

Plus, you will learn what to include on your landing page and thank you page -- and what you should never include.

Download This Lead Magnet Workbook in PDF

It's Time to Figure Out Your Lead Magnet to Skyrocket Your List. Download it now and start building your most valuable business asset -- your email list -- today.

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