Attention! Coaches, course creators, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, fitness gurus and more...

What if you could create and sell a profitable mini offer in the next 48 hours?

Pull Irresistible Offers Out of Thin Air and Launch Them to Your Audience. 

Mini Offer Formula is Your Solution to Create, Sell, and Deliver Digital Products That Bring In Extra Cash Every Month. Even If You Are Not A Designer!

Tell me, why I need this?

You are sitting on money right now!

You maybe don't know that yet, but you are sitting on Your Mini Offer right now!!!

 Imagine this, in less than 24 hours you can put together different worksheets into a Google drive folder. Next thing you know, your phone is kachinging with $$$ :-O

20% of mini offer buyers also buy the upsell offer

You can upsell anything you want. This could be your high ticket signature course, your group coaching program, a membership program or hourly sessions with you. Don't worry, you'll learn more about upsells soon.

You don't need a fancy software 

All you need is to create a steady flow of clients and predictable revenue from mostly evergreen digital products. Own a repeatable process to create sales and happy customers. Save hours and hours of work each day and start kachinging today!

Introducing ...

The Mini Offer Formula

Stop sitting on money, create your mini offer and start kachining today.

It's simple as 1, 2, 3. Put things together into a google drive folder, set up a sales funnel and promote it to your audience. Go grab your copy of the Mini Offer Formula by clicking the button below. 

Hi, I'm Liya

You are on this page means you already know me and you have bought from me on Etsy. 

Do you know how long it took me to create this mini offer? ONE HOUR! Well, I don't want to cheat in here, I had all the materials already at hand, it's just it took me 1 hour to brainstorm what should go into my Google drive folder. 

Now, ask yourself, what do you have right now at hand that you can brainstorm and through into a google drive folder? You have 1 hour to decide!

Put together you affirmation cards, audio meditations, a spiritual planner and you'll have a Spirituality Mini Offer. Do you see what I mean?

What is a Mini Offer?

I've put together and sold several Mini Offers by now. These are "Black Friday Mini Kit", "Irresistible Lead Magnets Kit", "Etsy Starter Kit", "Pre-Sell You Course ToolKit" but also I have a Bundle Offer such as my "Entire Etsy Shop Bundle" etc. 

On average from idea to launch it takes me around 48 hours of prep for these type of mini offers and toolkits. First, I create an empty folder on my desktop, second, I put together all the tools I have, everything including Google sheets, Trello boards, Canva templates, pdf planners, workbooks, email scripts etc. 

Lastly, I sit down in a quiet room and write my sales page copy. After about few hours of writing, my Mini Offer is ready and available for Stripe and Paypal dings all day.

Mini Offers are Mini Digital Products put together!

The offer can be just one digital product or several products bundled in to one. Plug-and-play format of Mini Offers makes it easy to get products created and sold in less than 48 hours.

What can you create and sell in the next

48 hours?

Swipe Files

Have you been collecting swipe files of different email or sales page templates? This is the best time to package it and sell to your audience. 

Planners & Workbooks

Are you in the productivity niche? Perhaps you are in spirituality? Either way you can package and sell your own templates, planners and workbooks.

Trello Boards

Any slides, cheat sheets, worksheets, checklists or prompts you have can be organized nicely in a TRELLO board so you can sell it to your audience.  

Canva Templates

Create Different Templates in Canva (social media posts, ebook templates, instagram puzzles, pinterest pins) and share them as Canva Templates. 

BUT ... I am not a designer!

I can't create Canva templates, I can't create planners and workbooks!

I'll tell you a secret ... Me Neither! I don't have a designer degree. Shhhh! No one needs to know that.

Hear me out. I am going to show you my simple plug-and-play technique in these 4 laser focused video tutorials where you'll learn how to create, package, price and sell different mini offers.

You don't need any expensive software for that. You don't even need to be on camera. Having a free account in Canva, Google and Trello is sufficient. 

What's Included:

Step 01

Video: Brainstorming Your Assets 

We will start with brainstorming your assets. Here, we'll identify what can go inside your mini offer. I will share with you my examples with my POP method.  I will briefly touch on video tutorials, if you want to create an additional video that goes together with your offer. 

Step 02

Video: Behind The Curtain of My Mini Offers

Now that we know what goes inside the Google drive folder, you need to create or put together those assets, right? Assets can be Canva templates, workbooks, worksheets etc. I will show you behind the curtain of my latest mini offers and you will also see what's inside each of my mini offer folders. 

Step 03

Video: Choosing a Delivery Platform

Forget about Teachable or other expensive software. Let me show you how I organize my Trello board and share my Google drive links. I'll talk about offer suite in this video where you will brainstorm your bumps and upsell offers. 

Step 04

Video: Writing Your Sales Page

Do you think you are not a copywriter? No worries, I will show you how to write a sales page even if you are not a native English speaker. Just follow my format in a storytelling way and soon you will also be hearing those Stripe and Paypal kachining. Most Gurus overcomplicate the process of writing a sales page. I will show you my simple way. 

The Mini Offer Formula

Stop sitting on money, create your mini offer and start kachining today.

It's simple as 1, 2, 3. Put things together into a google drive folder, set up a sales funnel and promote it to your audience. Go grab your copy of the Mini Offer Formula by clicking the button below.