Want to sell on autopilot with a sales funnel but you're overwhelmed by behind-the-scenes tech stuff?

You know that to build your email list, increase your visibility and start making passive sales you need to create a sales funnel – but where on earth do you start?

And by create I don't mean just writing a copy and creating graphics

I mean actually designing pages on a platform like LeadPages, Canva, Clickfunnels, Teachable, Kajai, Wix etc. Oh yeah, do you also need to write copy and design graphics? Arrrhhhh....

I know what you feel :(

When It Comes To Sales Funnels

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

How on earth do you create a sales funnel to sell products on autopilot …
I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!
Should I hire someone to do this for me? How much would that cost & where to look?
   Introducing ...

The Ultimate Tripwire Funnel in Thrivecart

Attract Your PERFECT Clients and Sell on Autopilot Everyday, Using a Simple Tripwire Funnel with ThriveCart!

You're getting 3,5 hours of video training!

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Let me set the scene…

You’re a Content creator, Personal brand or Service-based Entrepreneur

You know how AUTOMATED evergreen funnels can increase your revenue, and boost your business's bottom line.

But you're so alien to funnels and all the tech stuff. No worries, I've got your back ...

Imagine how much time and stress you'll save when you get the

Ultimate Tripwire Funnel in Thrivecart

I've spent thousand of dollars to figure this out and I failed more times than I could count before I finally got it right.
That’s why documenting the process was so important


The first step is always going to be the BRAINSTORMING lessons. We will look at the funnel overview and check out prices for your products. I will share my own experience of pricing my funnel products. 



In the second step, I will share with you how I create my digital products and how I set up my course platform with ThriveCart Learn+. You will also get a free branding kit for ThriveCart L+ that you can apply immediately to your own dashboard.



In the final step we will set up an entire evergreen funnel together, including opt-in & tripwire sales page, upsell, and downsell pages. Sales funnels are the lifeblood of any business. The more sales that come in, the better off your business is going to be.



Once we go live with our funnel, in the next step I will share additional dashboard hacks, and together we will also add more sections to a sales page to make it as long as you need. I know, trying to design sales pages from scratch can be a real chore, so I've created the whole sales funnel for you that you can import into your ThriveCart with one click!


Thrivecart is hands down the best and most popular cart processor currently on the market but it just blew the competition out of the water when it added ‘Learn’ a new course platform, for FREE for Thrivecart customers! That's a saving of between $500-$1200/year for most course owners.

And...It's a One-Time-Payment Lifetime Account Kind of Platform!
No Monthly Fees 🎉

Plus get these amazing BONUSES:

Enroll in this course and get the ThriveCart Starter Kit for FREE
  • 15 x ThriveCart Course Logos in Canva
  • 20 x ThriveCart Mockups in Canva
  • ThriveCart Learn + Branding Board
  • 20 x ThriveCart Course Banners
  • ThriveCart Lesson Banners
  • 14 x ThriveCart Video Banners
Enroll in this course and get the ThriveCart Sales Page Kit for FREE
  • 100s of ThriveCart Sales Page Icons, Emojis
  • 100s of ThriveCart Sales Page Arrows
  • ThriveCart Banners and Background Patterns
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Liya Bergen  Course Hustle Creator

When I first started with ThriveCart it was messy. I didn't know how to design checkout pages, and the ThriveCart Learn + didn't exist at that time. I had to piecemeal my tools together and sometimes it turned into a nightmare, where some tags didn't trigger or some pages stopped working altogether. Then, I had to start a new search for a new "more expensive" but seemingly easier platform. 

Moving isn't easy, right? You hesitate because you don't know the user experience for that particular platform, so you have to spend time building something from scratch before you know if you need it or not. But then, oh Gosh, ThriveCart introduced TC Learn +. I didn't jump right in, because I hesitated. 

I waited for feedback from others. And finally, when I was convinced and moved to TC Learn, I was surprisingly shocked at how easy it was to set up my course platform and create products inside the already powerful funnel system. No more headaches, no more overcomplicated and expensive tools, BUT... welcome to simple sales funnels on autopilot, without even a single zap.

Join Me in this Course to Learn More on How to Create Products and Sell on Autopilot Everyday, Using a Simple Tripwire Funnel with ThriveCart!

A few of

Facts About ThriveCart

Customers served!

1 +

Years of experience

Years of in the market

Customers served!


Years of experience

Million TC users

Customers served!


Years of experience

Simple solutions for automated funnels


Is this a course or templates bundle?

Yes, this is a course! In fact, it's a 3+ hours course. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to figure this out, and I failed more times than I could count before I finally got it right. That's why I've documented the process of creating products, courses, sales pages and funnels in Thrivecart. It is important as neither I nor you want to relive my mistakes. 

All I Have Is An Idea, Would This Course Help Me With The Content And Funnel Strategy?

Yes, of course! You can create a lead magnet and upsell your idea. Package it as a Pre-Sell offer and validate it. In the Bonus section, I will also talk about pre-selling your offer with ThriveCart and share a link where you can get my DFY mini kits to start with.

Do I still need a pagebuilder (Wix, LeadPages, Wordpress, etc)

Nope! Thrivecart gives you a custom subdomain that can host an unlimited number of pages on it. Each product will have a unique page with the checkout on the bottom that you can send buyers straight to.

Do I still need a course platform (Kajabi, MemberVault, Teachable, etc)

Nope! ThrivecCart introduced ThriveCart Learn + last year, now you can offer online courses, digital products, membership, and coaching programs via TC L+. No more overworked, overcomplicated funnels, but... welcome simple, wildly profitable, conversion-focused funnels in Thrivecart.

Is it easy to edit these templates?

Yes, these templates are super easy to edit, and the ThriveCart editor is very intuitive and easy to use. Simply click on what you what to edit and options will appear in the left menu. You can also easily drag elements into your page to add sections to these templates. No worries, I will walk you through the nitty gritty in my videos.

Don't have Thrivecart yet?

Oh, did you know that you can get this course and my ThriveCart sales funnel templates for free if you sign up with my affiliate link? You can still get the ThriveCart Lifetime Deal with my link here: https://bit.ly/get-thrivecart-here.

Don’t wait too long ’cause it could disappear any day.

The Ultimate Tripwire Funnel in Thrivecart

Attract Your PERFECT Clients and Sell on Autopilot Everyday, Using a Simple Tripwire Funnel with ThriveCart!

You're getting 3,5 hours video training!