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Make First $ale with Your Mini Offer Immediately

It's NOW $197 (Actual price $599)

How about Done-For-You Mini Offers?

Are you worried that you have to create all those Canva templates from scratch? Believe me, it took me almost 6 month full-time to create 30+ workbooks on Canva. Workbooks are evergreen products that people need any time of the year and for any purpose.

What if I make YOUR life easier by giving you the skeleton of a workbook, so you go through it and customize to your own taste? Then just put it together with other workbooks, email scripts or social posts in the bundle and sell as your own Mini Offer.

You don't have to be a designer or know Canva. These workbooks are done for you templates. Customizing these will be a piece of cake! No experience required. Just concentrate on putting together your mini offer folder as I've already designed all kind of workbooks for you! 

You don't have to go through the painful nights of creating forms, lines, shapes, pages on Canva, get frustrated with massive mess, delete, and start over.

I've done that.

Introducing ...

The Course Hustle Shop Bundle

Upgrade to the Course Hustle Etsy Shop Bundle and Create Your Mini Offer Right Now!

With this bundle you don't have to create anything from scratch. Take the ready-made design, add your logo, colors, font, and voila!!!
These template are already done for you. 

What you get inside?

30+ Done for You Workbooks in CANVA

Use these templates to create all types of Mini Offer bundles that you can start selling immediately. Start making money super quick because it takes you just a few minutes to put a NEW PRODUCT together. In this bundle you will get every workbook or planner I have on my Course Hustle Etsy shop (exclusive to Etsy buyers) with commercial rights included!!

70+ Email Sequences 

You will also get all my shop email sequences. Use my email sequences to add bonuses for your buyers. Many entrepreneurs struggle with what to send and when to send it. So, by offering email sequences as part of your Mini Offer bundle you'll save time for your clients so they don't have to write anything from scratch. The emails are written for them, what's left is loading, scheduling and delivering a value.

100+ Social Media Posts on CANVA

You will also get 50+ Instagram posts, 30+ Pinterest pins, 10+ Facebook ads, 15+ Instagram puzzle posts (10 puzzles x12 posts each=120, that's about 120 IG posts), and 30+ IG stories as Canva templates.

Golden! Facebook Ads Mini Course

Facebook ads work best for those who don't have any social media following or email list. I've put together a mini course on how to set up your Fb ad and sell your Mini Offer + you will get a workbook with Facebook ads formulas in PDF. 

This Course Hustle shop bundle is not only for selling mini offers, you can sell online courses and add on these as bunch of bonuses!

Monetize your blog, monetize your email list, add workbooks to your shop or a membership platform, create a low-ticket offer to upsell your coaching program, start selling digital products on Shopify, give one as a bonus and earn passive income from day one.


I'm Liya Cetiner

Prior to Etsy I have founded Course Hustle where I helped clients to create online courses. I have also founded and sold Examizy.com, a platform that helps students pass their academic exams in order to study in Universities around the globe.

Currently I run one-person business from home and create digital products. I understood that happiness is not in having a shiny office in city center full of staff members, it's not in having few investors backing your project, and it's not in commuting to different meetings.

Happiness is not in working day and night and not being able to enjoy the sunshine or see your husband/wife. Instead,

Happiness is when you have time to spend with your loved ones and friends, happiness is when you can start your day with 1 hour meditation and 15 minutes yoga. Happiness is when you can go for picnic in the middle of the week while your phone is kachining non stop. 

Happiness is when you earn consistent income from Mini Offers even if you didn't work that day, week or month. 


Make First $ale with Your Mini Offer Immediately

With this bundle you don't have to create anything from scratch. Take the ready-made design, add your logo, colors, font, and voila!!!
These template are already done for you. 

It's NOW $197 (Actual price $599)